Push notification when shortcut / rule activates

Presently, the only way to know if a shortcut was activated (either by a schedule or a triggering event) is to check the shortcut history in the Account tab. Please make a feature to generate a push notification whenever a shortcut is activated. See mockup below.

I would like to see this new feature added as well. It would be very helpful to receive push notifications wherever a shortcut is activated. Voted.

This would be good because shortcut history doesn’t even work right , it shows failed most of the time when actually it worked just exactly as it was supposed to.

I get the same results. All show mostly failed but regardless everything is working. Go figure. :roll_eyes:

Or maybe they can figure out a way to fix the shortcut history so that it is accurate? Most of mine say failed too.


Add push notifications for rules on action

Would be great to have push notifications when rules are executed. I have rules set my time and some by geo. The geo one action when a device enters or leaves an area. Would be great to get a push notification. Before rules I used IFTTT and got a notification each time, but not with Wyze app (IOS) rules.

[Mod Edit] Merged with an existing wishlist topic. Give it a vote to help it along!

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We create rules for occurrences that are not typical in every day life. Unfortunately, there aren’t any notifications or End User alerts that a recording had an action that fired a Rule.

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