Shortcut / Rule History button on home screen

Since the Shortcut star buttons function to “initiate a sequence of action, not states”(Loki, Wyze Moderater) indicating active or inactive is not an option. Requesting adding a Shortcut History tab on the Home page to take you directly to the log and back. Right now Account>Shortcut History>to the log.

Willing to give up either “Discover” or “Shop” if space is needed.

I’d actually like to see shortcuts have their own page much like the shortcut edit page. Easier to see, longer and larger text w/possibly room for description, swipe to edit or delete and press to execute.

Rules history page only accessible through account tab

I noticed the rules history page is kinda hidden. It’s at the bottom of the page when you open rules from the account tab. The button doesn’t show up if you find rules from any other way, such as the home page. Seems like that’s not intentional, so more users can use that page.

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This is now resolved!