Shortcut on the alerts/events playback for live view and recorded playback

I feel silly asking, but how do I vote for this feature? Just post a reply like this?

Welcome to the community, @famousfigures. Anything in #roadmap is already being worked on by Wyze. It’s the #wishlist category where you can vote at the top-left of each topic. :slight_smile:

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Actually, you can still vote on #roadmap topics. There is a VOTE button at the very top of this topic. Hint: click “Nov 2018” on the scroll bar to the right. However, voting in #roadmap doesn’t really mean much since Wyze has already decided to proceed.

Problem: Event snippet is too short, and we don’t know what happened after.

Current Solution (clunky): Find exact time of event, go to playback mode and scroll to that time.

New Solution (good): Add option in event view to jump directly to that moment in playback so you can replay what happened after the event cuts off.

When I get an event notification, I’d love to be able to jump directly tho where that event is located on the timeline, so I can view the rest of the story without the “hit&miss” approach.

Many events are not long enough to show the entire event.
I would like a way from the event viewer to “jump to this event on sd card”
Otherwise, I spend a large amount of time trying to use the scrubbing feature, which can be very time consuming.

This is a great idea. While we are at it can we add a marker in the timeline for these events happen? Since we already know where in the timeline they happen adding a visual indication would really help scanning the timeline.

When trying to scan to a time of an event recorded, it’s often difficult to navigate to an exact time of the event.

An option of taking you to the event in the playback maybe 10 seconds before the event or an ability to choose how long before an event to go to (30 seconds, 1 minute, etc) would be very handy.

MOD NOTE: This feature has been added in the version 2.6.x app release. Look for these icons at the bottom of each event video playback screen:



I am very impressed with the ability to go from a notification to live stream viewing from the SD card. Sure beats have to hunt for the event on the SD card. Thank you for doing this!!!

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This is an amazing feature you’ve added. It makes events WAY more useful now that you can see full context very easily.

Wyze developers - A big thank-you for the shortcut. The shortcut works well to go from viewing EVENT thumbnails to the corresponding recorded PLAYBACK, but it would be great to be able to toggle back to your place in EVENT thumbnails after viewing the PLAYBACK. As it is now, you have to navigate your way back to your place in perusing EVENT thumbnails. It would also be nice for the EVENT thumbnails to be larger (as large as possible - they are so tiny on a phone) and perhaps zoomed-in a bit on detected motion. Also - for some reason EVENT thumbnails now have a 12-second box on them - not helpful. Also, EVENT thumbnails now go to gray-out after the 12 seconds with a big pause button on top, and you can’t just swipe to the next or previous EVENT - not helpful. Thanks again for listening.

When viewing an event, it often cuts off right when it gets to the part i want to see. It would be cool if there was a button to take you to the playback section if the camera has an SD card so you don’t have to search forever through playback since it is hard to precisely navigate to specific playback times anyway.

Maybe if events had an option to either go to playback (if available) or to the cloud event when you initially selected it. Sounds like an extra step, sure, but perhaps it could be a long press or force touch or some other gesture.

This button is already in the app

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My apologies - I must’ve missed it initially, but the app allows for easy navigation from Playback back to the associated Event clip and Event thumbnail list - this is great. Also - the gray-out at the end of a 12-second Event clip no longer happens - this is great. Please remove the 00:12 box on the list of Event thumbnails, which are already too small, so it doesn’t help to block any of the tiny thumbnail with it - they’re all 12 seconds anyway. Please also consider increasing the size of the Event thumbnails to as large as possible - even better would be larger thumbnails zoomed-in on any detected motion. Thank you!