Shortcut on the alerts/events playback for live view and recorded playback

This is a fabulous idea! Failing this, if they could at least highlight the events in the video playback stream they would be easier to find. My zmodo camera does the latter and it’s very easy to find the event clips…but your idea is much better. Just link directly to the video!!!

In case you missed it, Wyze did a video Q&A session a while ago. The subject of this #roadmap topic was addressed in the video. Here’s a link to the video and an index of the content so you can jump directly to the part that addresses this #roadmap topic.

0:40 Outdoor Cam (Dongsheng)
2:15 Wyze Sense (Mike)
2:52 Beyond Security Products (Mike)
3:30 Become International Company (Yun)
4:25 Simultaneous Streaming (Tao)
5:05 Improvements to Playback (Bugs, Fast Forward) (Tao)
5:50 RTSP (Frederick)
7:10 Google Home/Assistant (Frederick)
7:40 Apple Homekit (Frederick)
8:35 Google Integration Demo (Frederick)

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One for the suggestion box. probably already submitted… but here goes. I would like to see a link in the app when watching a trigger event. The link would go directly to the recorded playback on my Wyze SD card. Currently it is time consuming/awkward to get to the exact spot. When I desire to look at a larger time frame of an event. Your consideration is appreciated. Thanks.

The event notification only has a 12 second clip of the event. It is currently really cumbersome to switch to the full playback window and position the time slider at the right spot. It requires several steps to switch from one to another.

Proposed: If the user has a SD card installed, provide a way (maybe a button?) to jump to the playback view and seek the playback to the corresponding time of the event.

That is, if I get a notification of an event which happened at 12:04, provide a button in the event window to switch to playback window for that camera and position the slider at 12:04. This allows the user to quickly see the entire event, skip before and after the event, etc.

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The ability to navigate directly to a notification event is an obvious and necessary feature that is missing from View Playback mode in the Wyze smartphone app. It is extremely annoying having to physically attempt to finger scroll to the ‘exact’ point where a notification event took place. Most people just don’t have the dexterity. You usually end up scrolling past the event many time. Then finally, you end up scrolling 2-5 minutes before the notification event, just to make sure you don’t miss it. Then you just sit there and wait. Very frustrating.

Wyze knows the exact time of the notification event, so it would be a 5 minute software programming update for them to add left and right soft arrow buttons on the Playback screen to jump between notifications when you are in playback. And while they are at it they could add a dark strip or arrow pointer below the timeline as a visual marker on the timline to show when the notification event occurred.

Navigation of the timeline is an unacceptable user experience (UX) and really poor engineering, IMO.

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A couple of things you should know…

First, once you have moved the timeline to the approximate time of the motion event, you can use a pinch-out gesture (two fingers on the timeline moved apart) to zoom in on the time scale. This makes it pretty easy to narrow in on a specific time/event.

Second, left/right soft arrow buttons to jump to next/previous event are in testing now and should be released in an update pretty soon. have been released in the current app. Later on, fast forward/reverse on the timeline is in the plan to be implemented. You can also vote for fast forward/reverse here: Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

Thanks. It would also be useful to jump to the Notification event directly from the Notification menu to the timeline position on Playback.

Basically, it would automate the user sequence of: (1) write down the event time, (2) select device tab, (3) click on camera & wait for authentication, (4) coarse location of the event on the timeline, (5) pinch zoom & (6) fine location of the event on the timeline.

That’s a lot of steps that could be saved for the end-user.

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When I see something recorded in Events, I would like to see the captured footage around that time frame. It would be nice to click on something and it would immediately take you from the specific event to the continuous local SD View playback for the camera so that you can see more footage of the event around that time. It’s tedious to try to search View Playback for the correct time and footage.

The more I use these cameras the more I can see the advantage of having a shortcut to jump right to the Alert time on the SD card.

This would be a very nice feature!

When you open an event many times I want to see what happened after that or just before it. would be great to be able to jump to that time in the playback with a single click from the notification.

Bonus: mark with a line previously recorded events in the playback view timeline

It would be nice to have a link from an Event directly to the Live View of the camera that captured the event. It’s a pain to hit the back button, then the Home button at the bottom, then find the camera that captured the event just to get to live view.


So I have my cam outside at my door. I get an alert! Its, a cop! Well, I have to back, back, then tap on the video to start the stream. Kinda fumbled as I tried to asap. But, there should just be a “go live” button. Isn’t this part of the point of these cams??? See alert, switch to live asap!

You can jump forward or backward By using the arrows On the left and right end of the timeline

I notice that when I am viewing an event that it can last longer than the 12 seconds. It would be nice if you could jump to the playback starting at the point when the event started. Otherwise, I need to try to use the time scroller to find the exact time, which is very difficult when dealing in seconds.

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A lot of time, the 12s event video is not sufficient and I would like to see more video from the SD card after the 12s (I record continuously). What I do now is manually open the local playback stored on the SD card and drag the slider to look for the corresponding time in the continuous video recording.

It would be nice to be able to jump straight to the time of an event in local playback from the SD card while viewing a 12s event video from the cloud.

Hello I was hoping we could one day find a solution to link the event video to the playback timeline. For those of us that use continuous recording this would be amazing. I am seeking a solution that would allow you to click on a button in the event page and have it take you directly to the playback timeline to watch further video footage if necessary. Thank You.

We’re developing linking event videos to playback, but not yet for live stream,


Hey :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if it could be possible to press a button from the event at jump straight to the time in playback, so I can keep watching what’s happening without manually match the time.


When reviewing alert video, could you include a button that would take you to the cameras stored video at the exact time. And have the timeline precision at its finest level do you could review video before and after the alert quickly.

I agree. A shortcut from Alert to the associated Playback would be great, and it needs to be on request. It would also be great to be able to select an amount of time before to the alert to view recorded playback video leading up to the alert; such as queuing the video playback to 0-3 minutes before the alert (perhaps in 15 second increments). I would also be nice to be able to select a shortcut to playback for an alternate camera since I have several cameras covering different directions. You don’t want the shortcut to activate automatically to recorded playback when you select an alert for viewing, because you won’t want to see the playback recording for every alert. It takes several steps to get from viewing an alert to viewing the associated playback, and getting the playback set to the desired start time is not always easy.