Shortcut on the alerts/events playback for live view and recorded playback

Yes, these are enhancements, but if the app only had live stream you could say the same thing about playback or motion detection being an enhancement. I would still prefer a single Wyze cam over a Ring doorbell, but scalability is an issue when adding cameras to the Wyze app. The work flow of moving around the app is horrendous when trying to follow something, or worse, somebody walking around your house when you have multiple cameras. Without improving the work flow and having multiple live stream viewing capability, it’s going to stay more of a novelty. For the record, I consider a Ring doorbell a novelty too. The details of multiple crimes around my neighborhood will back that belief up.

In another thread you were mapping out pricing options for the cloud storage, but you’re thinking about returning your cameras?

This is very true. The ability to swipe from video to video was removed when viewing notifications because of limitations of the batch they pull them from. If they can’t go from video to video there, how are they going to go to that point in the playback? Maybe in the push notice they need to send the complete timestamp along with the camera information or just go to the live stream, which is also an option I included.

Yes, because I don’t know how long it is going to take for them to implement this stuff. I’d be willing to go without the cloud storage, but the problem of not being able to quickly see a full event by tapping it or even playback via cellular are significant enough to consider returning.

I have an Arlo Q and it’s much better, mostly because of the app and cloud storage. Although it doesn’t take a microSD card, it does record almost the full motion event (I’ve gotten around a five minute clip before) and it offers paid 24/7 cloud storage if I’d like to get it.

Having been in development and enterprise wide implementation, I can assure you, your return window will close before we see any of this, if ever.

Still trying to make the app “flow”, while looking at live stream for a camera, have an option to go straight to the Events list page and filter for just that camera’s events. When leaving the Events list page, clear the filter.

Also, on the Events list page, the three dot menu only has two options; filter and delete events. With only two options, it would be fewer layers to click through by eliminating the three dot drill down and replace it with filter and delete buttons. This would add only one additional button, which should fit easily on the header for the Events list page.

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How hard would it be to add a button to take to live view. With WyzeCam, as the motion is detected by pixel change, there are so many false positives (example a cloud passing over triggers an alert). When I do get an alert where I see a person at the door, I want to speak to the person immediately. It is quite frustrating that I have to click 3 or 4 buttons to talk to the person. Sometimes it is too late and the person has left.

The following scenario is a common thing I have faced over the past few days.
I get a Wyze alert in my phone of a motion activity. I open up my phone immediately and see that someone is at the door. I want to respond to them immediately, but to do that I have to go from Notificaton view to Live View and then click the microphone to respond. This sometimes takes time and by that time, the person at the door has left (It happened to me).
It would be nice if there is a way to go to Live View directly from the notification video.


Came here specifically for this type of feature.

I would be AWESOME to go from the alert and jump directly to the recorded feed, at the specific time, (if sd card is present) to see the full context.

I’ve found a shortcut to the home screen for when you are several layers deep in the app.

Close it and reopen it. It is actually faster than hitting “<” several times and waiting for it to respond and reconnect to the camera, when all you want to do is go to the home screen.

iOS or Android? (Doesn’t seem to work on iOS for me)

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I said “Close it and reopen it” and didn’t define “it”. I meant close the app and reopen it. This probably isn’t a good idea if you are making changes, but say if you drill down to see SD card info, that’s four clicks to get back to the home screen. For me, it’s faster to close the app and restart than click through all the “<” to get back to the home screen. In addition, deep in other layers, the “<” is at the top of the page and the Home icon is at the bottom, so not only am I clicking “<”, I’m jumping from top of the screen to the bottom just to get back to the home screen. YMMV. iOS, if that matters.

It would be very helpful to have a button on the event videos that allows you to go directly to that time on your timeline if you have an SD card recording the events. That way you could view longer videos without having to tap through the video timeline, and end up watching 3 minutes of nothing to view 30 seconds before or after the event.

I did understand that you meant the app. By “close”, do you mean go to another app, or do you mean force quit by swiping up in the app switcher? The former doesn’t work for me, but the latter does (iOS).

Yes, simply swiping up in the app switcher to close the app.

Between the color/font scheme with the eye strain and the many layers within the app I have to traverse, closing the app asap is the new goal. With Wyze adding Discover to the main page in hopes of more social interaction, I suspect they’ll have trouble get there unless they address the user friendliness of the app. Adding eye candy colors and user videos is not a substitute. All the monitor, pc, tinycam, rtsp, etc. requests tell me the app isn’t the main selling point. Do you know if Wyze ever does any market surveys?

Yes, they have done market surveys. There was one pretty recently.

I knew they did user surveys, because I received one.

For example, I received an alert on 2:01 PM. After I checked the 12 seconds alert, I want to see more on the local storage. I need to open the camera, slide to find the exact moment on the SD Storage.

It is hard since I have a small screen iPhone. Can you make it like one click?


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I agree this would be a nice feature since there is no computer or Mac software available. And touch control is shaky at best when dragging on the video timeline. The link should take you to 10 or 20 seconds prior to the event so you don’t miss any footage from the video.




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once i get a notice that there is motion, and i get a notification i tap on the notice and it opens the clip and plays it for me. great. but once on the playback screen, it would be nice if there was a way for me to tap something to immediately jump to live view. instead of tapping the < back link then tapping home then tapping the camera to view live feed.

this is for the iOS app.