Shortcut layout and name enhancements

Can you add more icons to define what the button can do? I would like to see a simple ON, OFF and possibly some sort of initiate button. Adding the action to the text scrolls off the screen.

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Please revamp the shortcuts to include:

  1. Custom Icons for Shortcuts- This will help discern the difference between shortcuts without having to read the small text or remember the shortcut placement (which changes each time you add a shortcut)
  2. Ability to resize shortcuts to fit on the screen differently
  3. Ability to have Shortcut names completely expanded so you can see more than 8 characters (i.e. All the characters)
  4. Home screen shortcuts- on iOS and Android. For iOS, this should come in Shortcut app integration as well as widgets to control shortcuts.

Any more ideas everyone?


Let’s get this voted for!

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More Shortcut Icons

Can we get more icons and or icon colors or even the ability to import icons? It gets very hard to tell shortcuts apart with only the first 7-9 characters visible and 5 icons all the same color.


Wow! Still going since November 2019.

Doesn’t seem to be much interest with only 10 votes at the end of July 2022. :cry:

It’s not UI intuitive that the shortcut icon can be changed.


Optional display of shortcut icons

Give the user an option to scroll through the shortcut icons vertically (multiple wrapped lines) or horizontally (one non-wrapped line) on the home page. Allow titles to wrap. The titles are very short as is so it is difficult to differentiate and quickly find an icon among numerous icons.

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App Shortcut Rules names are not fully displayed

Right now only 8-9 characters are displayed as the label for a Shortcut Rule.
It would be nice to see the full name of the shortcut.
It can be in a form of a “confirmation popup”: After pressing the shortcut a popup will display the full shortcut name and will give you the option to continue or cancel.
This way it protects against unintentional Shortcut activation.
It can also contain a short user description of what that shortcut does.


Rather than a confirmation page just let the titles wrap or display the list vertically with full titles.

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Shortcut names/descriptions in the app aren’t readable! Can they be made more like rule recommendations that show much more text than just 8 characters?


Excellent point. I always found that annoying.
Best I could come up with was “Porch - OFF”.