Shortcut History not logging in anymore after latest app update..HELP

My shortcut history has stopped logging in entries for the past week, I use this tell if my automated task as successfully been enabled or not, any advice on how to fix this on the app I have an iphone. They stop showing in the logs on 1/9/19. I’m scared to delete the app and reinstall it because i’m not sure that will fix it and I would have to redo everything on the app like naming my cams and setting? not sure HELP this all happened after I update the Wyze app to version 2.0.21 on Jan 9th morning before I left work work…

More than one thread already open on this.

When exactly did this happen to you? Like it did it happen when you updated the wyze app to it’s latest version because that’s what happened to me - they pushed an app update on Jan 8th and I updated on the 9th before my auto set task were to start later in the day. When I got to work, I always check the shortcut logs to make sure all my cams with auto task have enabled motion detection because I’m away from home - and just like you they have continued to work on the set days/times - BUT- they are no longer logging the task history in the shortcut history menu. They need to fix to this asap and also give us a push notification when automated shortcuts (tasks) have been triggered (successful or failed). I’m glad I’m not the only one that has had this issue since updating the app recently

That wasn’t me. That was the start of the other thread on shortcut history not updating. More answers over there.

thanks I moved my issue over to that forum thread then, glad I’m not the only one who has had this issue, maybe an up coming update to the app will resolve this soon.

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