Sharing events with Wyze to "Help improve AI"

When viewing my events, there is an option that says “Help us improve AI by sharing this one video with wyze”. When I click on the event video , it says to select all that applies. I am confused as to how to reply…the events notification is titled “person” but when I view the video there is no person…maybe a car or something that is outside the detection zone. Should I leave the already highlighted “person” and thenchoose “nothing” when submitting the results for research?

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Welcome back @sbd427!

When submitting these to Wyze, you change the tags to all that apply.

Wyze already has the video tagged “person” in their system. Since it is not a person, you untag that by clicking the highlighted tag to unselect it and then select the correct tags to highlight them (can be multiple).

You are telling them… “No, not a person. Should have been tagged as …”

Clicking “Nothing” tells them it shouldn’t have been AI tagged in the first place.

Hope this helps!


One other thing of note, currently the AI looks at the entire image, Initial motion occurs in the detection zone, then the whole image is checked by the AI, so you should tag everything in the image even if outside the detection zone.


I live on a farm and with it comes a lot of birds, there is no tag for birds. Can they add a tag for birds? Also, my camera’s pick up the headlights from cars coming down the road. Can they add a tag for that also or is that considered vehicle?

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