Shared user cannot access 12 sec event

As a shared user, I typically could access the 12 sec event, but as of a day or so ago, I cannot view it. The event is blacked out with a little playback arrow in the bottom right corner. When I tap on the arrow, I get a pop-up that wants me to enhance the performance and reach out to the owner of the camera who shared it with me. Any other shared users having issues seeing the events?

Could you include a screenshot of this so we know what error you are getting. Please show the popup and event

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The playback arrow is visible over to the lower right side. Tapping it gives me that pop-up. Cannot get the event to play.

Can you check with the owner if they are still subscribed to cam plus or cam plus lite? It looks like they may have canceled.

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I will check to see if that’s the case. However, we have other Wyze cameras and they work just fine with event replay. Maybe they aren’t v3… I don’t know. I will respond back once I’ve had a chance to verify.

He fixed it! Thank you for suggesting looking at his account!!


Glad you got it!