Shared Camera - does it share events as well?

SO I’m working on creating my spouse her own account and sharing the camera’s to her so we don’t have to use the same login. I can share the cameras with her and she can see all of our cameras. However I’m curious about events for the cameras, is she supposed to be able to see those in her event calendar as well? When I click on events that I know should be there I don’t see any. It shows no events - IE Cloud events. Does it take time for that to share over or does it ONLY share live feeds? What about future events does it add those to her event calendar?

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She’s supposed to see the events after you have shared the camera with her after she has accepted. I don’t think it takes time for the events to show up… It should show up at the same time your events show up. All future events should show up as well. Make sure she doesn’t have certain filters checked off such as person only when you are viewing the events.

I have to double check, but I shared all my cameras with my wife, and she was able to view all the events in the past. But since the data breach she hasn’t re-logged into the app, and all her notifications are off.

Yes, anyone you share a device with can see the events. I wish there was an option to choose whether or not we wanted to share events with them.