Shared camera confirmation message appears every time I start or switch views on wyze App

When ever I start or switch between views on my iphone 12 mini, I get several camera shared confirmation popups, with the option to cancel or accept. I’ve tried clicking cancel or confirm on many occasions, and they continue to pop up.
I submitted a log after this occurrence of the issue

Something you can check:

  • Start your App
  • Go to the Account Tab
  • Click on the Voice Bubble icon at the Top Right
  • Tap on Sharing (3rd Menu Choice)

You should see a list of items that were shared with you. From there you can accept, Cancel , or Delete it.

This is what Mine Shows as I shared these devices with my Wife.

I can edit the list by clicking the Pencil in the top right.


Thx Spamoni4,
I had a look, and of course there is a large list of shared camera’s awaiting to be accepted, but they are from me. So I’m getting the requests to connect to the camera’s I shared FROM my account.
Some of the users I shared my cameras with, have accepted, others are still pending. But i receive the same 5 popups every time

, based on all the invites I’ve sent out.

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OK, I just saw the option to edit, and by deleting them, it appears they have gone away.
Thanks so much, I keep missing these obvious problems.

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