Shared Account unable to view rules or schedules

I have shared an my account with my spouse. She is unable to view schedules or rules. Is viewing not available for shared accounts?

Did you share your account credentials? Or did you share your account devices?

Devices - Account Settings > Sharing… Maybe have my wife use my email address and password?

The rules are tied to your account. Since she is not using the same account, the rules you have set up will not be visible to her. Only the results or actions would be visible to her, like a camera turning on its notifications, etc.

My wife and I share a single account so that she has full access to all the account features, devices and their settings, and SD card footage were available.

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Luckily that is still legal. :laughing:

I’m know it’s against security best practices (and I take responsibility) but happy wife, happy life takes precedence here. :slight_smile:

Problem solved. Thanks all for the feedback.

Understand completely. The choice makes sense in many ways. We’re not launching nuclear missiles.