Share your Mounting Options [Edited]

You may find some ideas here:

Yes to bought one wish on took chance $20 work’s good small print manual

Hi John… I replaced all of my NEST cameras recently with Wizen Cam v3’s. The Nest indoor cams were the easiest because they had provided a cable with the same connection as the Wizen Cam. I just unplugged (and in some places unmounted) the Nest cam, plugged the same cable into the Wizen cam, mounted it in the same place and configured it. The outdoor cams were just a little more complex as the last few feet of cable is permanently attached to the Nest cam, but they have a joint in the cable where the standard USB cable plugs into the extension. I simply unplugged it there and plugged in the Wizen cable. It’s within a few feet of the same length. I had one place I had to buy an additional USB extender for $6, but otherwise just took out the Nest camera and installed the Wyze Camera. Very easy changeout.

I noticed a bird nest in the eves of my workshop last year and set up a Wizen cam to try to capture when the eggs hatched. Unfortunately my wifi was sketchy in that part of the yard and I missed it. This year I am hoping for a good video

Hello BLC, great news… thank you for sharing. So how long is your longest run?

I just got my extended 45° angled mount from Etsy through: NicholsMachineWorks - Etsy.

Life changer I am no longer looking at my wall and now outside and down the path. Great product and he has quite a few more mounting options for the Wyze products. Shipping was quick as well.

Some great ideas I am trying to figure out a tamper proof mount for a pan cam on a book shelf. I have medical assistants coming in and out all day and I caught one of them by chance pressing the reset switch on the base so that I lost remote viewing ability- she is gone but I dont want to have to worry about this in the future.

Hello avlewis25.
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How about placing the pan camera in a tall smooth-sided canning jar with a two-part lid, The flat seal part of the lid can be notched out for the power cord with a pair of kitchen scissors? maybe silicone the bottom of the jar to the surface it sets on? Maybe silicone around the power cord notch to protect the cord from the cut edge?