Share your Mounting Options [Edited]

At least this time I didn’t forget to put the hole in middle of the plate :slight_smile: I plan on mounting this on the ceiling in the hallway so I can see both directions. I wondering if I could fit 3 cameras if I slide the 2 at the end all the way over and then put the 3rd in the middle on the opposite side?

Anyway hope you like it…





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I wanted to see if I could fit 4 cameras on plate by putting them on the corners. I only have 2 cameras right now, I have another 6 arriving on Monday, but this is how it looks with 2. Looks like 4 would fit fine.





There is a bird nest outside our front window, I taped the magnet to the window using packing tape that is clear and then put the camera on it upside down and flush with the window. It has stayed there for days. Also if upside down change it to 180, it is on window that way as it seemed top heavy and since it is on window I didn’t want it crashing off of it.



That’s great Pool, the objective is to get creative… how is it holding up? Also, any great pictures of the bird’s nest?

It is holding up great, for over two weeks now!

Unfortunately, since the bird is pretty sketchy if I go out onto the 
front porch the bird has a fit and leaves the nest. Since I didn't
notice the construction of this nest, I am not sure how to get this 
camera in better range.

So, I have mid level of street and then the eve of the nest area 
which is off to the right and it looks like a dark mass but that is
the nest.

I could tape this to the outside of the window as it holds to well, not
sure if someone would leave with it...guess I could see them take it!
Usually no one is wandering around, it seems ...knock on neighborhood.

Also I had it to catch movement, but the way I have it on the window, the leaves of the trees set it off all day.
If this were set up much further, you could have it set for movement and get really cool pictures of the nesting
birds coming and going and the babies.....

Just ran across this and thought I would share it… a 25ft USB cable for under $10


Of course there are also extension cables out there as well that you can add to your existing power cord. Keep in mind, we don’t have to be concerned about USB specs for cable length, we aren’t transferring data just power. But there is a limit to how long you can run the cord. I have two cable runs that are about 100+ feet and I am seeing some issues with power. I definitely can’t piggy back a second camera off those, just not enough juice.

Hope that helps,


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That’s the same cord I used to hook mine up on the front porch. Works great and the price can’t be beat.

That is awesome Iris, that is really good to know. Thank you for sharing

With regards to the 3D printable “birdhouse” cover for the WyzeCam, how exactly does the camera stay in place inside the cover? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like if the WyzeCam were tilted forwards/down that it would just slip right out of the case. Is there some sort of lip or ledge to prevent this?

There is an improved, updated version of the 3D printed enclosure that is linked to in the first post. It adds features like making the cutout big enough for the USB daisy-chain port (the original 3D birdhouse had a cutout that exposed the USB port but not completely); An additional port cover that works great to further weatherize the enclosure; And a cutout in the mount for the Wyze magnet which I’ve found does a great job of holding the camera in the mount. No need for any adhesive to hold the Wyze magnet in the mount…it pops in and holds by friction.

Link and comments from the designer are below. I think he did a great job of improving upon the original designs. Credits to all of them!

I remixed this from the two listed sources.

Wall Mount:

Two types: 1) for vinyl siding 2) for everything else
added weep holes for drainage
added spot to insert metal plate for magnetic mount to add stability
added screw holes
The wall mount can be mounted with double sided tape or screws, or to vinyl siding.

Camera Cover:

enlarged hole in back to accommodate USB daisy chain
added insert to improve weather proofing

Has anyone tried a dash cam mount? I would like to mount to the front windshield of my car, but without adhesive. I thought about a suction mount but couldn’t find any magnetic ones. Any help?

You may find some ideas here:

Yes to bought one wish on took chance $20 work’s good small print manual

Hi John… I replaced all of my NEST cameras recently with Wizen Cam v3’s. The Nest indoor cams were the easiest because they had provided a cable with the same connection as the Wizen Cam. I just unplugged (and in some places unmounted) the Nest cam, plugged the same cable into the Wizen cam, mounted it in the same place and configured it. The outdoor cams were just a little more complex as the last few feet of cable is permanently attached to the Nest cam, but they have a joint in the cable where the standard USB cable plugs into the extension. I simply unplugged it there and plugged in the Wizen cable. It’s within a few feet of the same length. I had one place I had to buy an additional USB extender for $6, but otherwise just took out the Nest camera and installed the Wyze Camera. Very easy changeout.

I noticed a bird nest in the eves of my workshop last year and set up a Wizen cam to try to capture when the eggs hatched. Unfortunately my wifi was sketchy in that part of the yard and I missed it. This year I am hoping for a good video

Hello BLC, great news… thank you for sharing. So how long is your longest run?

I just got my extended 45° angled mount from Etsy through: NicholsMachineWorks - Etsy.

Life changer I am no longer looking at my wall and now outside and down the path. Great product and he has quite a few more mounting options for the Wyze products. Shipping was quick as well.

Some great ideas I am trying to figure out a tamper proof mount for a pan cam on a book shelf. I have medical assistants coming in and out all day and I caught one of them by chance pressing the reset switch on the base so that I lost remote viewing ability- she is gone but I dont want to have to worry about this in the future.

Hello avlewis25.
Replying to post #26
How about placing the pan camera in a tall smooth-sided canning jar with a two-part lid, The flat seal part of the lid can be notched out for the power cord with a pair of kitchen scissors? maybe silicone the bottom of the jar to the surface it sets on? Maybe silicone around the power cord notch to protect the cord from the cut edge?