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Has anyone else had a problem with “share” inserting a random date when using an Android phone to send a clip via email? I have 3 Android phones and they all insert a bizzare date. Doing the exact same function on an iPad it inserts the correct date in the subject line? On the Android it inserts its crazy date over the signature line

I just verified this on mine also, not sure where it is pulling that date but it is nowhere close to correct

Thanks Jason. Glad you’re seeing the same thing. I can’t seem to get wyze to acknowledge the issue despite many samples and explanations so I thought I would post it here.

Have you put in a support request, if so they should have given you a ticket number.

Oh yes. We have been back and forth but the tec support has never taken ownership of the issue. :-(. I have 4 cameras and support a bunch of elder neighbors so I am a serious fan with a minor issue. I just find it very strange.

It isn’t a huge issue but it is odd, it has to be pulling that date from somewhere. I just tried it with multiple videos, each video pulls a different date but if I share the same video multiple times it pulls the same wrong date for that video. So my assumption is it would be on their end somewhere.

Yes it does the same on my S8 as well.

I just tried it on mine too, and is doing the same thing. This definitely isn’t the expected behavior.

Below the subject line mine reads as follows:
7/30/04 3:56 AM
A very unusual date for sure. Going back in time 15 years? :face_with_monocle:

Definitely an issue

Not sure if there’s any correlation between the actual event time and the date displayed in the email, but here’s some data from several cameras and event videos:

Camera 1
Video from 8/21/19 at 9:23am EDT - 1/16/07 1:06 PM
Video from 8/21/19 at 6:20am EDT - 9/11/06 6:53 PM
Video from 8/21/19 at 6:15am EDT - 9/8/06 6:26 AM

Camera 2
Video from 8/21/19 at 9:19am EDT - 1/14/07 4:26 AM
Video from 8/21/19 at 8:52am EDT - 12/25/06 11:20 PM
Video from 8/21/19 at 5:47am EDT - 8/19/06 11:26 AM
Video from 8/20/19 at 11:55pm EDT - 12/18/05 3:13 PM
Video from 8/20/19 at 5:59am EDT - 12/1/03 6:53 PM

Camera 3
Video from 8/21/19 at 9:00am EDT - 12/31/06 1:13 PM
Video from 8/21/19 at 7:01am EDT - 10/10/06 7:53 AM
Video from 8/21/19 at 6:22am EDT - 9/12/06 7:53 PM

It also uses the same date whether I share via Hangouts, Messages, Gmail, or Outlook. Also looks like the files themselves are named with Unix epoch time (“1566295142000” = 8/20/19 5:59am) which matches the correct date of the video, so that’s not it.

Thanks quite man. I am now going to submit the topic along with my original case number and see what happens.

I cannot see any pattern between the times it pulls and the correct video times

No. Just random dates and times. I submitted to the geeks at wyze. Will add to the forum when I hear anything. Somebody missed a : and a = somewhere :slight_smile:

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Had a response from wyze today. There is a big update coming and Kyle indicated he hopes that this will fix the issue. When they say hours or thinks ??? I have to wonder how far the question actually went.

Here is their response;
Kyle (Wyze)

Aug 26, 1:23 PM PDT

Hey Bill,

I let the Product Team know about this behavior and they’re investigating it. We have an app update we’re expecting to roll out in the next few days and they would like to collect fresh logs if the behavior continues on the new version. Please let us know if that time doesn’t display properly and I’ll keep an eye out for any updates!

Kyle Wyze Product Specialist

Does not do it on IPad - date line just read ‘20190827_00_57_19’. Don’t know what the 00_57_19 means but the date is right.

As of today. 2 updates later I am still getting creative date when I attempt to share a clip. Here is today’s example. 6/14/32 8:13 AM

Taken at about 2:10 this afternoon. ???