Severe battery drain when viewing a live stream iOS

I’m experiencing severe battery drain when viewing a live stream , the phone instantly starts getting warm.
Remdies i have tried , deleting and re installing , latest app updates, beta version

This problem is specific to the Wyze app using way too much phone resources , I regularly conduct Zoom and Microsoft Networks video calls.
No significant battery drain or the phone heating up

iPhone XS , iOS 13.6.1

I tried to duplicate your issue on my iPhone 7+, my iPad and on my wife’s XS. All are just updated to the recent 13.xx IOS. I didn’t experience any heating or noticeably rapid battery drain. Tried both in group cam view and single cam mode.
Have you checked your Settings/Battery to see if your brightness settings are high or if your device is set for low power mode or not? You can also check to see which apps are using the most battery power. Mine is usually the Wyze app but it’s not causing the issue you describe.

Thanks for replying. My brightness is set on 25% , sound / mic disabled.

The moment i use the Wyze app for live streaming , it moves up in ranking for high battery usage.

Right now it’s pretty cold over here, so its very easy to feel the phone warming up.

Any iPhone XS users out there with the same issue.

The other issue i have noticed is background time seems to almost equal onscreen time in the battery usage stats dispite background being disabled.

I found a similar post on Reddit ,

I’m definitely not alone with this problem


Wyze app usage comparison to the other apps