phone battery issues

Iphone 6s battery dies within 4 hrs on stand-by since wyzecam app install.

I only view cam occasionally, but phone drains anyway. Anyone experience similar problem?

Not positive it’s cam software but strange coincidence.

You don’t say what version of iOS you’re on, but here are two ways you can address/test this:

  1. Kill the Wyze app: double click the home button, then flick the Wyze tile up off the screen. This kills the app.
  2. Turn off background app refresh: in Settings, scroll down to the Wyze app and turn off the switch for Background App Refresh

Hi -

I’m running iOS 11.4.1 on an iPhone 7 Plus and am having breathtaking battery usage since installing Wyze camera app. Before installation on a normal day I would have 40% or so battery left. After installing the Wyze app I have routinely been down below 15% by 5pm. Today I unplugged from charger at 100% and within 30 minutes I was at 85%. Battery usage reflects this app as the largest battery user. The application is not open when this is happening.

I turned off Background App refresh first, and that slowed some of the usage, but it still was using an excessive amount.

I finally uninstalled the app at 1:00 pm today after charging phone to 100%. By 5:00 pm my phone was at 87% - much more typical of my usage.

I want to use the app and the cameras, but do not want to be carrying around a burning warm iPhone due to excessive battery usage.

I do have the app setup to get notifications, and this usage is not due to real time streaming or anything - the app is not even open.

Some review of the app is needed before I can trust it to not make my phone unusable.


I can tell you your experience is not universal. I have the same phone and iOS and do not see this issue. Since you have already uninstalled the app, I’d suggest trying to reinstall it and see if the issue returns. You’ve already checked the other things that come to mind (background app refresh, battery usage tally).

If this returns after reinstalling, first try restarting your phone. Then try force quitting the app (double click home button and flick the Wyze app off the top of the screen). That should stop it, but not the best solution to have to remember to do that. If you’re still having trouble, I’d file a support ticket from within the app after this is happening so Wyze can collect the app logs to investigate.

The Wyze app is flawed or defective now. Especially since I started using the Wyze Band. My iphone will be charged 100% when I go to sleep. In the morning it’s at 1%. I’ve been using the app with a couple cameras, door lock, and the band fitness tracker. I contacted support and if they don’t come up with a decent solution I’m returning the band which I think is the primary culprit. Pretty disappointed with my experience with the Wyze Band, Wyze app, and its effect iPhone battery life.