iOS 16.5 and wyze app 2.42.1 (1) abnormal battery drain

Lately, I’m noticing my iPhone battery is draining very fast. When I went to investigate in Settings → Battery I see that the wyze app is always the #1 usage app by far and it has hours of background usage in the last 24 hours ex: (1min screen 16h 27m background). No other app even comes close to background usage.

I have a quite few wyze devices added: 5 cameras 2 doorbell, but I’ve had these all for a while and it’s just started occurring since the latest iOS update. I’ve also tried force closing the wzye app and restarted my iPhone multiple times, but neither has helped.

Wyze App Version: v2.42.1 (1)

iOS Version 16.5

Is anyone else noticing how much battery the wyze app is using?

My Wyze battery usage is normal. I am still on App version 2.41.5 (5). I was going to update to IOS 16.5 but think I will wait a bit.

I’m on iOS 2.42.1 (1) and iOS 16.4.1.

I’ve been using my Wyze app quite a bit recently ( I’m traveling) and still it’s a distant second to Safari in terms of battery use. I’ll hold off on my iOS update also.

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I am a new user and I’ve noticed the same thing after just a couple of days. I am surprised at how fast it drains.

Sorry to hear that. I am starting to wonder if maybe a self-hosted solution for cameras will be a better choice. Wyze used to provide RTSP beta firmware not not anymore super sad.
Cheers, and good luck on getting this resolved I simply kill the app every time it seams to help.