No response from SUPPORT

I logged a support request almost a week ago regarding the iOS app and battery drain , until now , not a word from support

This is rather disappointing, i will most likely be looking at other brands in future.

You can try posting your ticket number here. If a WYZE employee sees it they usually try to find out why you aren’t getting a response.
Not ideal but it appears that’s the way it works.
Try tagging @WyzeDongsheng

Wyze Ticket 733489

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Support contacts me , finally , suggest i do what have already stated in my support ticket, they basically sent me a copy and paste response.

I reply to supports mail emmediately , until now , no further response.

I’m done with Wyze and their products


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I’m not alone with this problem

My issues , phone gets hot with battery drain not only when live streaming, simply having the app open drains battery , lots of background app running dispite background app updating fully disabled

Cache always reports 0 ( zero ) B

Thanks for tagging me in,!

@ahmede, I checked on your ticket and I see that you have another response from today requesting a screenshot of the battery page. We’re looking into this but having to work with the engineering team on it.

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