Several SD card problems solved

I have had several SD card problems using different SD cards: Failure to recognize, incorrect capacity, failure to record events.
One of the Wyze staff mentioned formatting with exFAT32.
I have formatted all of my cards with exFAT32 instead of FAT32
The odd SD problems have disappeared.
All of my cameras are V2 purchased directly from WYZE in 2018
I use 32 GB sched 10, SanDisk, Micro SDXC, Samsung EVO Select

Why use exFAT:
“exFAT is optimized for flash drives—designed to be a lightweight file system like FAT32, but without the extra features and overhead of NTFS and without the limitations of FAT32. exFAT has very large limits on file and partition sizes., allowing you to store files much larger than the 4 GB allowed by FAT32.
Difference between FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS File System … › difference-fat32-exfat-ntfs-file-system”


Thanks for posting this info! I tried it last night on one problem cam and it seemed to reduce but not completely eliminate the number of missing segments in the continuous SD card recording today.

On formatting, try changing “Allocation unit size” to 32 Kilobytes or larger. Since the vast majority of your files will be much larger than this, the amount of storage space lost will negligible, and write times will be faster.

Try formatting using “Allocation unit size” 32 Kilobytes or larger.
The larger allocation size reduces write time and processor overhead slightly. I was getting occasional “unrecognized file” glitches on SD card playback until I increased Allocation unit size"