Setup: no flashing yellow light, won't connect to network

Wyzecam v2, one of my 3 camera’s connects to my network using a Netgear 2.4G network extender in my shop. The Netgear extender works fine. However I am having trouble getting this camera to connect to the Netgear 2.4G extender. My modem/router is too far for this camera. When I add the camera the following steps and event occurs:

  1. connected the Wyzecam v2 camera to power.
  2. solid yellow light then I hear a click and the yellow light goes off. No light at all.
    Flashing yellow light never happens.
  3. I press the button on the bottom of the camera and get the ready to connect voice.
  4. I use the iPhone app to add the camera and put the code in front of the camera.
    The camera attemps to connect and can’t connect to the network.
    What do I do?

Is your phone on the extender’s 2.4Ghz network when you try to add the camera via the app?

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I just succefully connected the camera to my router by moving the camera in its range. It is working now but the yellow light never blinked? At least it works.

Glad you got it working. What you described sounds like the status light is disabled in the camera’s settings. Was this a used camera, or brand new? Kind of curious, now. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of my 3 new cameras. I will check the status light setting. I will try again later when we get back from out of town. For some reason it wont connect to my extender at 2.4G. I will let you know what happens then. Thanks.

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I am having same problem with my previously used wyze Cam v2, the yellow light goes off without blinking. What should I