Setup Cam V3 with QNAP

Hi there - I just got the V3 camera and installed the RSTP firmware.
I am trying to set it up with my QNAP NAS and the surveillance station app but not getting very far.
I’ve got the RSTP stream working (am able to view it in VLC player). I know the IP address of the camera (it’s the same for my network scanner and in the Wyze App. But setting up the camera in surveillance station, it is telling me that IP address is invalid, connection failed.
Not sure what I am doing wrong here! Is it perhaps that QNAP does not support the Wyze Cam v3? It’s not on the list of cameras, but I used the generic camera settings because I thought RSTP was generic?

Has anyone else had success setting up a V3 camera on QNAP surveillance station? Thanks!

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It has never worked right. I logged a help request last year when the RTSP software was released.

Would be great if QNAP could spend $30 and buy one and make it work…