Setttings button before livestream

Sometimes I’m using the mobile app but cant even change a basic setting for a cam because the cam wont stream live video on my low cell connection at any number of locations.

Other times I would like to use an IOT SIM with low bandwidth just to change the settings for a camera only used for recording to an SDCard, no livestreaming.

In both situations, it would make sooo much more sense to be able to simply access the settings (only a few bytes of data), sometimes badly needing to just turn on detection, without the many Mbs of data for live video feed.

Have you explored shortcut rules? Itll make buttons in your app home screen that are programmable. You can make one that enables detection on a specific camera when you tap the button. No need to connect to the camera for live streaming

I don’t know what cameras you have, but here is a v2/pan support page for rules, and all cameras work the same.

Just making sure you know these rules features exist. And don’t not forget to vote in your wishlist item now that is is live! :slight_smile: