Set up issue

Why I can’t scam qr when try to set up the camera

First of all, what kind of camera?
Confirming you are getting the voice prompt to scan, the phone is displaying the QR code, but the camera is never able to read the QR code?

Based on my experience of something around 50 scans, it works best with a darker background behind the phone (don’t try to scan outdoors in sunlight), and the camera will end up around six inches from the phone. Make sure the camera is pointed at the image on the phone screen and the phone is parallel to the face of the camera (not way off at an angle). Slowly move the camera in and out.

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You are trying to use the camera to scan your phone and not the other way around, right? Only ask because some have been confused by this thinking the phone would be used to scan a code.

Make sure you take the protective shipping plastic off the camera lens. That’s what usually gets me, lol.

Also, click the little eye at the end of the password entry box to make sure you type the password correctly.

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@jorpao2007 This Wyze Cam setup video may help.