Set up a camera at father in-laws trailer to keep an eye on him

My father in law is in his mid 80’s and lives alone in a mobile home. My wife (his Daughter) would like to set up a couple of cameras to keep an eye on him and not need to drive 20 miles when he does not answer the phone. He is OK with that. He has wifi in the trailer. Should I just set it up and share the cameras or is there a better option. He uses one of my old iphones that has wifi but no phone.
Thanks for your help.

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You would set up the cameras at his place using the 2.4 GHz WiFi band (not 5 GHz), after setting up a Wyze account for him. Then, “Share” the cameras with your Wyze account so that you can view the live camera feeds. But use caution in setting notifications for movement or sound, or his iPhone may beep frequently with notifications.

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What I would do in this situation is set up the cameras at his place and set up an account with an email and password different from yours , he will be able to sign in with that account and have full control.
And you will be able to sign in with that account and have full control also.

But you can also share the cameras from that new account to your existing account that way you can have live view on your account but if necessary you can log into the new account you set up and have full control.

So you would be able to view the cameras at his place without switching accounts but like I said if necessary you could log into that new account and have full control over settings and everything

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I have one account and cams in multiple places. I log into my one single account and view all cams.

If your Father-in-law doesn’t want or need access to the cameras himself just add them to your existing account.

I have a camera in my living room for the same purpose. I keep it turned off for privacy reasons. But, if I’m away and my wife doesn’t answer her phone, I can turn it on and make sure she’s okay. Then if necessary, I will talk to her over the camera.

So, @markaf1949, you could do the same thing. Install a couple of cameras (maybe 2 inside and another outside watching the front walk) to your account and keep them turned off except when you want to check on him.

It sounds like he is still fairly independent, so this would give you some peace of mind but still respect his privacy.