Set Up a Bulb, Then Move

I would like to set up a bulb in a lamp inside, then move it to a fixture outside. Would that work or would it lose its settings when I removed it from the lamp? I don’t want to climb up and down the ladder extra times which is why I would like to complete setup inside if that is possible.

That is fine you can set it up in any lamp and then move it and it’ll work just fine. Just remember they’re not certified for outside so it will void your warranty and make sure if you do put it outside that’ it’s completely covered can’t get rained on, ice things like that.

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It’s an enclosed fixture. We don’t have ice. :upside_down_face:

You should be absolutely fine then. Show some pics when you’re done if you don’t mind I’d like to see it

Setting up all devices near the router then moving them to their final position is the way to do it. That way you can determine their proper function before introducing a possible connection problem due to signal interference or blocking.

That’s what I assumed but I couldn’t find it in writing so I wanted to verify.

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