Set minimum time interval between notifications

Please add setting to pause notifications and option to set a cooldown time between notifications without also limiting event recordings. I would like to record every event, but only get notified once every 5 minutes.

FYI, you can already pause notifications using the Rules feature in the app.


That is schedule, not pause. It’s preset and not easily changeable on the fly such as with one click while driving. What I mean by pause more specifically is a button on every notification that says pause or snooze that can be activated in one click easily at the time of getting notification, not a burrows setting in the app that takes 10 clicks and reading and would be dangerous to do while driving.

You can do this with the Rules feature. They are called “Shortcuts” and create buttons at the top of the home screen of the app.


Thanks Loki, that helps. I just added 2 shortcuts for mute and unmute. Can’t believe I missed that. Now I’m wondering if these shortcuts can be automated by voice through ifttt with Alexa or Google. If so, my driving delima is solved.


There is already such a feature. It’s called cool-down period :grin:

Cool down period applies to both notifications and event recordings right? I don’t want any cooldown between recordings, only notifications.

to do that you would have to subscribe ( for shockingly low price of 1.49$ per camera per month) to the Wyze complete motion capture service. it will still record, with no cooldown.

and that way you can use a shortcut to minimize the notifications.

check this out for information on it.


I am already a paid customer for complete motion capture and I love it.


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Yes, definitely up-vote / like this feature request!

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I still wish for a cooldown of 5 minutes between notifications with no cooldown at all for event recording for those of us subscribed to Complete Motion.

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I want no time lapse between notifications. Right now, they all bunch up and I get six or seven at once. I assume these are stacking up for the 5 minute cooldown. Is there a way to get instant notifications as the camera detects sound or motiion?

Cathie Simmons

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Notification throttle

I would like to be able to throttle push notification for motion detection if not by camera, then on my plus account.

The issue is such:
When motion is detected on one of my cameras (say cam 3) a push notification is sent to my phone. This is great because it alerts me to motion and is appreciated. However, when that same camera detects motion a few seconds later, it again send another push notification, which does not add any new information to the situation and only serves to distract or annoy, especially if they continue to roll in. I have received 7 or more push notification within a couple minutes for the same camera, essentially detecting the same event. So, If I could set push throttle to say n minutes so the same camera will not send another push within that throttle period.

I realize that a custom setting is more complicated, so I will accept a default throttle to prevent notification bombardment, but I believe a throttle is needed on push notifications.

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