Set alarms from Wyze Band

I would like to be able to set alarms (time based) from the Wyze band instead of using the app to do so.

Having to use the app on the phone to set an alarm to go off at a certain time, like a simple alarm clock, is cumbersome or not possible if I don’t have my phone with me.

Setting an alarm from a smartwatch should be a given.

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Yes this would be so amazing and easy to implement!!! Please!!

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I would like the ability to set an alarm from the Wyze Band and not have to use the app. There are times when I am away from my phone and want to have an alarm but not being able to set it from the Band is not ideal.


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I imagine the interface for this would use vertical scrolling to set the times on their own screen with “Next” buttons or horizontal swipes. Start with Hour, then Minute, and finally AM/PM (if not 24 hour). Not sure if repeat selections would make this too busy? I wouldn’t mind if I had to set repeat days and label in the app.

Yes, I would like that too, and I would like the ability to set more than 6 alarms.