Service Status and Known Issues page NOT AUTHORIZED

The Service Status and Known Issue Page can not be accessed (Not Authorized) - 05/22/2021 08:45 pm EDST


it appears to be up and running now. I wonder what caused that.

Still not working for me…

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I’m seeing the same, just a login screen.

As of 11:30 am EDST on 05/23/2021 the issue has NOT been resolved. The Service Status and Known Issues page can NOT be accessed. I received an “OOPS. You’re not authorized to access the page” message.


yes, this was just brought up again amongst mods and mavens and I tried again and got that log in page for the first time. I don’t know what happened. maybe somehow my comp had a cache of the page or something…it’s quite odd. im just waiting for a huge bearded guy to break in and tell me im a wizard now

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09:30 AM Sun 23May2021 Still not working. Logged in w/my user/pwd and would not work, rcvd this msg:
Email address / password combination is incorrect, try again or get a new password.

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You must be a wizard now … I can access the Service Status and Known Issues page as of 03:50 pm EDST on 05/24/2021. Thanks!