Service Issue on 11/24 - Can not view live stream outside of local network

I’m curious why it is not related to the 11/24 service issue as the symptoms seem identical.

The failure is inability to see Live View on any network other than the one the camera is attached to.

Phone is Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 8.0.0, TP Link Archer C5 router, through a TP Link WA855RE wifi extender. Note: it fails whether using extender or not.


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BTW, it is working correctly now. Did you change something on your end?

We did not change anything on our end. We monitor connection rate across hundreds of thousands cameras, so that we know whether it is a isolated issue, or wide spread service issue. There are many reasons that can all appear to be the same symptoms.

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It is still not working correctly. Last night I was able to see Live View on two of my networks, but not on the other two. This morning it is back the way it was - the only way to see Live View is attaching to the network that has the camera, or using cellular connection.

It just hangs on all other networks. You mentioned that there are many reasons that this can occur - do you have a firmware upgrade or suggestion on what I can do to fix this?

I tried to connect from a remote network (away from my home) and the Live View connection failed. It went slowly thru steps 1-3, connected for a second, then dropped to 0 kbs and hung.

@drader06 @skillet I’m going to send you two a group private message and we can troubleshoot from there. :slight_smile:

This issue, or a new one, returned twice this past week. 12/3 10:34pm was my last notification until 6:07pm on 12/4 the next day. I couldn’t connect remotely to my cameras during this period. So obviously I couldn’t connect Live or see any notifications. 3 cameras.

I’m continuing to have this problem. I cannot connect to Live View from any network other than the one the camera is attached to. I’ve sent lots of info to tech support, but still no fix. I randomly checked with a friend with several of these V2 cameras as well, and we checked his - he has the exact same problem! Seem like either a big coincidence or a common problem. I’m on Android; he’s on IOS. We’ve tried the original firmware, the and levels and all fail to allow remote network connection.
I bought the camera (and planned to buy more) for use when I am travelling abroad - not much good if they won’t transmit Live View over a network. When I try to connect, I slowly get steps 1, 2, 3, then it connects for a few seconds and drops to 0 kb/s and then just hangs.
Note: It will connect remotely through a cell data connection, though. But this is pretty useless when out of the country.
Anyone else have this problem and/or a solution?

Do you mind sending us the app log? I understand if you don’t have time to do it but it’s important for us to look into your log. No one in the office uses Verizon so I have to ask you. If you could, that’d be great. :slight_smile: @skillet

Live streaming for both of my V2s are off line. I’m getting motion capture notifications, and can view these, but unable to connect live. One cam has a date stamp of 11-29 showing for live view. The other for 2 hours ago.

Both cams are remote, so I’m unable to do much from this location to connect, power cycle etc. Wifi networks in both locations verified OK.

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Just chiming in - same issue. I have three Wyzecams and cannot connect live to any of them remotely. Using an Android phone with the latest beta firmware on the cams.

have you tried to kill and restart the App ? another thing to try is to restart the camera from within the App - Settings

Same issue - I can activate shortcuts, get notifications, view resulting events but cannot live stream remotely using cell data… I can make calls, view FaceTime, go on internet - just the Wyze live streaming is not functioning remotely.

No problems at all with my home wifi.

iPhone Xr, Verizon, latest firmware on my 6 cams. Performed restarts, deleted app and re-installed,

I put in a service ticket a few days ago but no reply probably because of July 4 holiday week.

As these cams are used for security, please fix or advise.


Yes, Wyze support may be limited and/or unavailable until July 8th.

Please keep this in mind. The current Wyze devices are not sold or marketed as security devices. They are sold as smart devices. Please see Section 3 (Limited warranty and disclaimers) of the “Terms of Service

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Short version: I love your product - very impressed! Thank you!

Long version: I wrote that I have an outstanding support ticket to avoid a reply to put one in. No problem for next week.

I would wager that the majority of Wyze users have the cams for security reasons. Keeping tabs on pets, kids, prowlers, something left on the stove, whatever. That is why one must have different layers of security in case of failure. That your legal counsel puts in disclaimers is part of today’s litigious climate.

The purpose of my post is to have a solution to my problem of no remote live stream. Perhaps there is a setting that I am unaware of. Perhaps Wyze needs to update the firmware. There are other threads with the same situation and I just wanted to advise Wyze that there indeed is an issue, That is why I went into some detail as to my device and its behavior.

Wyze does its best to improve the product. Just looking at the firmware update page show how the company strives to make its products the best that they can be. Much appreciated!

Keep up the good work. I promote your company to everyone I am in contact with. So there is a problem - so what - I am sure it will be corrected. Hopefully sooner than later, of course.


I’m just a customer like yourself, who also happens to be one of the volunteer moderators. :slight_smile:

I provided that info just to clear up any misunderstanding of the intended use of their products. Unfortunately, several online reviewers have called them security cameras, confusing Wyze’s customers.


No problem.

David W at Wyze analyzed my problem today and he determined that my home internet upload speed is not sufficient to do live stream OUTSIDE my house. Fortunately, I can get notifications, activate shortcuts, and view events remotely and live stream easily in my house.

Many thanks to David for his help and patience. One day my internet provider may allow me to upgrade (I would in a heart beat if offered) or one day Wyze will program remote live streaming for those with poor upload speeds.

Again, very pleased with Wyze, their products and service!

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I used to live in a very rural area. I feel your pain. I’m glad that despite the issue you remain upbeat about the company and products as a whole. good form

I feel your pain. My upload is a maximum of 5Mbps, and affects livestream at times. Just curious, did you try setting the cameras to 360 while connected to your home WiFi, and then try livestreaming remotely after that?

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Yes - one of David’s suggestions. As of now, I have 5 cams in one group and the 6th as a solo. That solo cam had about a 70% success rate in remote live streaming and the group was impossible. Once I attempted to live stream one of the cams in the group, the solo cam would never live stream.

As I purchased these cams to capture detail and since I cannot remote live stream, all cams are back to HD. Again, I get notifications, am able to use shortcuts, and view events remotely so I am pleased. The ability to group live stream in the house is fantastic!

I am now about to debase myself and beg my internet provider for faster service.