Separate Keypad or Control Panel to Enable/Disable Alerts

It would be nice to have a keypad, similar to most home alarm systems, that I could keep by my front door and use to turn alerts on/off via a PIN every time I leave/return. I have already pre-ordered the new contact/motion sensors, so this would be great for that as well.

I have shortcuts in the app, which are nice for when I am out for the night, but I’m not going to open my phone and go into the app each and every time I exit or return. A keypad would add a lot more value to the alerts.


Or you could just get a really inexpensive android device and use that for the time being.
I’ve seen Amazon Fire 7 refurbs for < $20.


Interesting. How would that work? Would I need to keep it plugged in at all time, screen set not to sleep, with the app open? Could I protect it with a PIN code?

It’s an interesting suggestion, but I’m concerned about the power draw and potential lack of security. I am picturing a number pad could be battery powered and mounted via sticky pads.

You could also use geolocation through IFTTT to turn them on and off and not have to do anything when you leave.

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I’m not familiar at all with IFTTT, so this has a bit of a learning curve.
Would location services need to be enabled on my phone at all times?
Could this be enabled on both my wife’s and my own phones so that it is off if either of us is home?
Are there any tutorials out there that describe how this could be implemented?


For 2-party geolocation, you need to use a 3rd party geo service such as Life360. Yes, the app would need to have access to location services on your phone.

IFTTT is pretty straightforward. I’d suggest going to their site and read their tutorials. Same for Life360. You can also search the forum here for where people have discussed using it.


I setup IFTTT with Life360 today and it was incredibly simple IMHO. I’m at work right now, and I’ve yet to set it up on my wife’s phone, but if it works this was a really cool solution.

I also created a few IFTTT applets to work with some of my Wemo and Wyze devices (using the camera as a motion sensor to turn on the outdoor lights).

Thanks @Loki!

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It would be really cool to have a hub that interacts with the Wyze Sense sensors to beep or siren when there is an open door or window.
A keypad that would turn this off within 10-15 seconds like a traditional home security system would be a nice feature instead of doing it all through the App.
Potentially having a subscription to call the police would also be cool.
Even just letting the Wyze sense trigger the speakers in the Wyze cams would be awesome.

Just get a keypad like this with a latching relay

Wire it to a contract sensor (replace reed switch with relay wires)

Code will now have the same functionality as a sensor (Shortcut, automate, event)

I think it would be very cool if we could get a mountable touch screen device or a very sleek control panel and alarm system where you could control all smart home devices and control door sensors and motion sensors when triggered. (If triggered the alarm would sound) With this we would be able to have a more immediate response or faster reaction time if their were to be a person trespassing or trying to steal. They would be alerted that we know they are their due to the alarm system and be more likely to leave. With the system their could be multiple passcodes so you know at all times who enters and exits.

I understand why at launch for the sensors that Wyze put the bridge in the Cams, it was a low cost of entry for your customers and made good use of the USB port on the cam. My issue with these bridges is that they are unreliable and if they become unresponsive you have get access to the camera and remove and reinsert the bridge if a reboot of the camera does not work. My request to overcome this is to build the bridge technology out even more by adding a Security Keypad that could be used to arm/disarm door break sensors and act as a bridge for these sensors. Most importantly it will be a seperate device for the sensors to pair with.

The ask is this:

1. Power and Connectivity for Security Keypad
a. The Keypad would be powered by USB
b. The keypad would use WiFi like all current non-battery Wyze products

2. Key Features
a. The Security Keypad could be used to Arm Disarm Security Features of Wyze
i. For example depending on the security code entered the keypad would call shortcuts predefined in the App.
b. The Keypad would act as a Hub for the Wyze Products
c. Multiple Keypads in the same house should be grouped not just for convenience like cameras but share a common configuration like the light bulbs do.

3. Backlit Keyboard with Motion Sensor,
a. Optional configuration to have the keys come alive when motion is sensed
b Change the color of the backlight

4. Not sure what features the door lock that is underconsideration will have, like a fob, obviously if it does have a fob, you should be able to use it to arm/disarm the security.

As with all things Wyze produces I know this would have a high build quality making every dollar spent on the device worth the cost. Wyze making them affordable enough they could be placed at every major entry way into a user’s home.

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Need to add a built in siren or plug in sirens also

I have seen so many requests for a touchscreen keypad like a wall tablet that would be like a Wyze adt system. Myself and many others want to see a new product like a hub for all wyze products possibly with an alarm and would have control over all sensors (contact/motion) and motion/person detection on cameras. I would just go to ADT but like most people in the wyze community I trust the company to make a sleek,clean,durable, and reliable device to fit the wants and needs of the wyze community… quite frankly I don’t want ADT I WANT WYZE :100::100::joy:

Really surprised this isn’t getting more attention.

I have 14 contact sensors that aren’t doing anything because I find that setting up schedule based routines for alerting is inefficient. As the original poster suggested, it’s cumbersome to go into the app and disable or enable notifications for these sensors each time you leave and return home throughout the day or simply want to open windows and doors while you’re home.

I purchased the Wyze keypad with the intent of enabling/disabling contact sensor notifications via Wyze routines, so that I could further automate Alexa routines for alerting through my Echo Dots. Once I attempted to set it up it was quickly obvious it wasn’t suitable. It requires the Wyze lock and a quick chat with support confirmed that even with the lock I couldn’t trigger events for Wyze routines.

Please allow the Wyze keypad to be used without the Wyze lock and add the ability to drive Wyze routines based off of the lock/unlock signal or some other encoded keypad entry so that notifications for contact sensors and cameras can be suppressed or enabled based on that state.

I setup a mix of Life360 and IFTTT so that alerts are enabled any time my wife and I are both out, and are disabled if either of us are home. It’s not ideal because I’d still like some enabled while home, but it works pretty well. The light in my garage goes off about five minutes after we leave which triggers a motion alert on the garage camera. Getting it lets me know that alerts have been properly enabled.

If I understand, it sounds like you’re able to control alerting via Alexa routines based on your Life360 status? In my Alexa app the contact sensors aren’t supported for actions meaning how would you use this to control enabling or disabling notifications?

I’d also like notifications while home. I figured I’d make a separate routine that would just indicate which sensor opened during that time rather than a full alarm during ‘away’ or ‘night’ mode.

I’m not using Alexa routines at all. I’m just using IFTTT to enable/disable Wyze alerts based on Life360 information. I also use it to turn my lights on at sunset and then turn them off at a fixed time.

I would like to see a physical keypad to arm or disarm cameras and sensors. The keypad could be placed near and exterior door to arm when leaving and disarm when returning home. The keypad could be configurable through the app to tell what devices to turn on or off.