Sensor automation not working

Still no worky!!

Still not working. Stubbed a toe with no lights coming on. :joy:

Just checked and started seeing my motion events in my history from 6am CST so it’s about 5 hours behind.

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Still having this same issue. Tried rebooting cameras with the bridge, unplugged and plugging back in the bridge, nothing fixes this. 11 motion sensors, 12 contact sensors, 2 bridges, all not updating status. Also my pugs don’t update their status, when lights are on, they say off.

Both my motion sensors and door sensors have been unresponsive since 9:30 yesterday. Still having no responses this morning. All sensors are online and show lights when input is detected. I can still activate all of my lights and Outlets buy the app and with Google home. This issue does not appear to be resolved at my house as of yet.

Same problem here. Automations triggered by sensors are not working. I also have 1 of 2 outdoor cams giving me problems (base station shows it’s online but the camera itself says it’s offline - not sure if this issue is related to the sensors bug or not since I have had connectivity issues with this camera over the past few weeks. In the past, however, the base station and the camera have always both shown as offline when I was having issues)

All of mine aren’t working either…
Constantly being burned hard by Wyze sense issues :roll_eyes:

Sadly still out for me as of 11am est also

To add to the fire, one of my lock gateway’s shows offline but the lock paired to it says connected.

Still not working here. The worst part was when we had lights start randomly turning on by themselves during the middle of the night… Including in our bedroom :sleeping:

Add me to the list. I have several contact/motion sensors doing routine activities and nothing worked since last evening. why would it take more than 12 hours to fix a critical issue? @WyzeGwendolyn

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Add me to the list. Not working from yesterday.

Add me to the list . Everything stopped working since yesterday.

Mine have been out since yesterday afternoon. All sensors show online, but none change state; motion or contact sensors.

This is really getting frustrating. It happens FAR to often.


None of my sensors are working. I have even tried a spare bridge and rebooted many times. Reinstalled sensors. No Luck! I have 3 cams with bridges none work.

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None of my triggers are working since yesterday. Using the Wyze Plugs to trigger other Wyze Plugs. Work manually even though status button on app is erratic i.e. On when actually Off or vise versa. Also Plugs activating on their own.

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And here I was just finally starting to trust the Wyze app updates enough to turn auto update back on. That setting is going back to off and staying that way. Permanently. Lesson learned: hold off on updating the Wyze app for a few days when a new update pushes out Day 2 or 3 after update, check the forums for outage issues like this, and then decide whether you want to allow the update. I used to have to do the same thing with Fitbit. At least that issue finally got corrected when I discovered I’d somehow been put in their beta test group for their app and managed to opt out of that.

unfortunately it’s an AWS server outage, nothing to do with client side apps.

Hmm, AWS outage? I’m not seeing any AWS issues reported either in the news or on Amazon’s main AWS status dashboard. Do you have a source?

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I’ve been out for almost 14 hours since the last rule was fired at 10pm last night. I just installed this system yesterday, not looking good.

Edit: I read the whole thread before I posted, I know outages happen. I just meant that I’m not having a good start with this product. It’s been something I’ve wanted to test for a while, and finally got around to it.

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Please do not judge the whole system based on this service issue. I truly do not think this is something Wyze has much control over, if this is an AWS service issue.
I have been using Wyze products for over 2 years and these types of prolonged interruptions are more the exception rather than the norm (in my opinion).

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