Sense v1 sensors - Option to disable status light

I wish I could turn off the red light flash when Motion sensor detects motion, since it reveals itself and its location.

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I’m not sure what the feasibility or timing of this might be, but in the mean time, you might want to consider the low tech solution – a small piece of tape over the LED.


Agreed on the ability to disable the red light which flashes when motion is detected or when a window/door is opened and the magnetic sensors are separated. While I appreciate the tape suggestion, it’s not a fix for all needs, such as mine (in addition to prolonging battery life, even if small.) Thanks for the consideration and I would think this, theoretically, should be able to be turned off with a ROM upgrade.

I have the same problem. I have used black tape over the hole, it blocks the direct light from LED which works in the daytime, but the plastic case and lens are somewhat translucent so red light still leaks out. Trying to keep mischievous teens from sneaking out of the house, and when it is dark, even with all the housing covered with black electrical tape, it is still noticeable. Ideally a software solution in settings, or a switch on the circuit board to disable the red LED would be great. I may try drilling through the front to get access to the LED directly to tape it, depending on if my current sensor gets found out by the teens. Teenagers have unlimited energy and high ability to evade and/or create very elaborate countermeasures-it’s like working against KGB operatives.

We have many of your products in use, keep up the great work.
Thank you.

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