Sense range?

How far away can a sense sensor be placed from the dongle on the camera anyways? I see a sense promoted on a mailbox but my guess is the (indoor) camera is pretty far away.

Hello @tdjanke, this is directly from the Wyze sense FAQ page which I’ll link for you to check out.

The quickest answer is to say that most homes should only require 1 Bridge. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, however, like floor plan and environmental factors which can interfere with signal strength.

Have a cam on my porch. Traffic going by (approximately 60 ft) triggers the cam. It’s also triggered by cars turning the corner ( 200 + ft)

does the camera have sense installed? and if so, how far from the camera is the motion sensor installed?

one of the first things i tried was installing one in my mailbox. i have a camera mounted on the outside of my house, under a covered front porch and it doesn’t see the sensor in my mailbox by the road. it’s maybe 75 feet away. there is a large (huge) tree between the porch and the road though. it doesn’t see the sensor even if i hold it in my hand outside the mailbox.

There are so many variables it’s hard to give definitive answers about range. I have my Sense motion sensor inside a wooden mailbox, 100 ft from the camera bridge through the front wall of my house. It shows good signal strength. You might want to try changing the battery and/or trying the same distance under different conditions/obstacles. If that doesn’t help, you might want to file a support request.

i’ll try with a motion sensor. maybe they have better signal range than the contacts sensors.