Seller on eBay selling cheap cam labelled as Wyze V2

I have seen several eBay sellers selling cheap cameras and the description labels them as Wyze cameras. How do they get away with that when it is obviously not a Wyze cam?

My guess it is because he is not ‘actually’ selling it as a WYZE V2, if you go down the whole page it lists product name as Mini HD Cam, I think he is putting WYZE in the title to steer traffic his way. I agree it should be taken down, but I am not an attorney and do not know if it is something actionable.


Yeah, sounded like a sleazy ploy to me too. I had done a search on “Wyze Cam” when I found that one. There are others like it as well.

I imagine they are all over since WYZE is becoming more and more popular

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I wish I had discovered them earlier. I just wish there was a way to monitor them on my laptop. It would be really nice to have a pop up alert to a motion sensor being tripped while I am on my PC.

Well, if you have not voted on the link below you may want to go vote for it and show WYZE this is something you want.

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Honestly, it sort of looks like a mistake. It appears to be a large seller with good feedback overall. If they’re selling Wyze cams, too, maybe they got some wires crossed on the listing.

I don’t think it is a mistake. It’s like tagging in a way. If the Wyze name is in the auction listing title and the buyer like myself does a search for “Wyze Cam” like I did, then that listing is going to show up in my search results just like it did. It is switch bait plain and simple as far as I see it. Try it and see.

Thanks for that tip! I was vote number 2500. I wish I could vote multiple times. :wink:

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True, and I’ve seen similar things where it says “Compare to Wyze Arlo Blink blah blah” but the title on this one literally says it’s a Wyze cam, which it’s obviously not. If that was their standard practice on most of their listings, I feel like their feedback would be a lot more negative.

Common technique forever used on fleabay to get products to appear more often in search results.

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If Wyze did not sell their cameras so darn cheap maybe they could afford a robust legal department to go after them.

You say that like it is a bad thing. :laughing:

Wonder if the knockoffs record to SD without ever having the need for Internet like lame Wyze cams do?

Or if the knockoffs do RTSP out of the box?