Seems pretty simple

so am I just missing something?

I set up a sense/light rule that when the front door opens the living room light comes on, easy enough. I’d like the light to turn off after 5 minutes but can not figure out how to add that to the rule. Am I overlooking something obvious?

Seems like a fairly reasonable & intuitive ask to me, so figure it would have been thought of in development. But I am far from a tech guy so could be more complicated than I think.

I have that exact situation.

Add a Device trigger… chose that bulb, “Has been on for” set to 5 min. Add action same bulb, “Turn off.”

Thanks Rick.

So only as a separate rule and that rule would be triggered any time it’s been on for 5 minutes, regardless of how it was turned on, correct?

This is not a dedicated light so I’d need this to only trigger if it was turned on by the door sensor, not if turned on, for instance, via the app or Alexa.

Hmm… that’s a fly in the ointment. There are other automation tools that might do what you want, but nothing in the app that is conditionally based. I have to check if my foyer light goes off after 5min when i turn it on with my Google Home.

Thanks again Rick, pretty much what I’d been thinking but appreciate the confirmation.