Seeking recommendation for a smart bulb that changes colors e.g. red to green with IFTTT

I have created applets that can monitor the opening and closing of my two garage doors and turn a Wyze bulb on and off depending on whether a door is open or not. NOW, I want to be able to use a color changing bulb that I can change from red to green. I was going to use Feit bulbs, but then I find that Feit bulbs cannot be used as targets with IFTTT. Any suggestion as to who makes a bulb that can be changed from one color to another with IFTTT?

The Hue bulb works with IFTTT. You can take a look at it here on Amazon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Magic Hue A19 7W RGBCW Smart WiFi Light Bulb, 60w Equivalent E26 Dimmable Multicolor Smart Light, No Hub Required, Compatible with Alexa Google Assistant IFTTT

StopICU33: I ordered one today from Amazon. I was really surprised at the number of smart bulbs on Amazon that included IFTTT in their description, but when I tried to find them in IFTTT, they were not listed as possible actions: e.g. boxlood, aoycocr, teckin, koogeek, and Saudio. I did find correct links for VeSync, Hue, and of course Wyze.

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I hope it works out for you and meets your expectations. Good luck with the IFTTT setup. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many of the generic smart devices sold under a number of brand names are all based on the same hardware/software platform by Tuya (“Smart Life”). They provide a set of standard hardware and IoT infrastructure along with a customized mobile app to anyone who wants to rebrand and sell the devices. I have smart bulbs and plugs from 8 different brands that I have registered under the same Smart Life app because they’re all the same internally.

If you buy one of those brands that advertise IFTTT functionality the manual usually points you to the Smart Life IFTTT service.


Can confirm that this bulb will do what the OP needs (and much more) via IFTTT …

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This is the way i went, hue is so expensive for what it is, and it requires a bridge. I have 10 bulbs, a couple plugs, and even a Oil Diffuser all through Tuya Smart Life and have not had any isssues…and i got them all for what the 2 color bulb starter kit would have cost from hue. They all also work with Alexa, i have routines setup that access all of them. YMMV

Steve4335: Ah ha. I had wondered if there was some sort of a “generic” product that would interface with bulbs that did not have their own product within IFTTT. Seems like it might be “Smart Life”. Still, I would be reluctant to buy bulbs that I was not SURE would work w/ Smart Life. I did some quick googling of some bulb names and “smart life” and got some encouraging responses. Thanks so much for the info.

The nice thing about Tuya Smart Life is that there are many diff manufacturers that use them for a whole range of different iot devices, so there are always options to find what you are looking for.

I have these ones in my house, the colors are not super bright but the white light is great - they are a very “soft” white at 2700k (this was a requirement for my family) and equivalent to a 60-70 watt incandescent bulb

I have these at my parents in outside fixtures, they are not as “soft white”, meaning they have the blue tinge that the led bulbs suffered from in the beginning-since they were outside it didnt matter, they just wanted bulbs that would turn on at dusk and off at sunrise

these ones are more expensive, however the white light that comes out of these is super bright and looks exactly like incandescent bulbs

All work with the “smart life” app and with IFTTT, alexa, google - happy iot’ing :grinning: :partying_face: