Bulb color integration with IFTTT

Does any one know if there will be, or if there is, better color integration with IFTTT? I would like to set up a recipe to turn my color bulb a certain color. right now, there only seems to be a few color temp options. :frowning:

Try using Alexa routines.

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Thanks Dave! How do I go about doing that? I do have alexa set up to turn the bulb on and change colors.
Are you suggesting that I use the IFTT trigger routines skill? Or is there another way?

Ultimately what I need to do is trigger a red light to come on when Iโ€™m recording in my studio.
So far, I understand that the way to do this is with web hooks, but I havenโ€™t been successful yet.

After you install the alexa app, go to More at the bottom right, go to routines, hit the + on the top right to setup