I understand my camera is for indoor use only. What are the negatives of using the camera outside? Not sure how effective the security is if the intruder is already in my house. ; ) Also, due to the power cord and size, it is hard for it to be inconspicuous, especially by the front door. Thank you, Steve

Hi Steve! I have several of these cameras, both inside and outside. Due to the price, I feel having 5 or 6 cameras is perfect for my needs, very cost effective, and I feel protected. I have two cameras outside and the rest in various levels of my house. I have my cameras inside “protecting” my front door, back door, basement, and main living space. My outside camera shows me who is at the front door and also the back door. Due to low levels of light, my outside backdoor camera is worthless right now at night, i will take steps to alleviate that issue however with my indoor cameras, I am still protected. I like having my outside cameras because I work from home and I can see when the UPS guy has delivered something and also when the doorbell rings, i can take a peak to see if I really want to answer the door! I have had no issues using my cameras outside, I have pictures posted in the other section about “Where did you mount your camera”. I have only had my first camera outside for 3 weeks now (front door under an eve). It has seen 9 degree weather, rain, snow, and ice and so far so good. I just mounted my second outside camera (back door) yesterday, so that will take time to test!

I was curious about the outside trial also. I put mine on a window sill outside, cord coming thru the screen and plugged in. I bought a 25ft extension cable for 8.00. My only real concern was moisture. Well…my cam made it thru the night…still out there, and is working perfect after sitting all night, lowest temp was about 24 degrees f. I wouldn’t let it sit out in rain or snow due to a possible electrical hazard. Otherwise…it’s a robust cam. It’s blowing some of the higher priced cams right out the door.