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Are there any window stickers showing the property is monitored by Wyze cameras?

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Hello @bjohnson, currently no theirs not any but you can vote for them using this link.


You can also find all kinds of generic versions on Amazon.

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Didn’t know that one. Thanks :call_me_hand:t5:

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You could download and print your own.

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law requires some kind of notification when video/audio recording in some states.

it SEEMS like that duty to notify would only be on public property. your residence would be private and thus a restricted point allowing you to record. now recording a phone call or conversation you are not part off…those state and federal laws are quite numerous and diverse…….and rather taxing.

In Michigan where I live, the law states:

** 750.539d
Installation, placement, or use of device for observing, recording, transmitting, photographing or eavesdropping in private place.**

Sec. 539d.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person shall not do either of the following:

(a) Install, place, or use in any private place, without the consent of the person or persons entitled to privacy in that place, any device for observing, recording, transmitting, photographing, or eavesdropping upon the sounds or events in that place.

(b) Distribute, disseminate, or transmit for access by any other person a recording, photograph, or visual image the person knows or has reason to know was obtained in violation of this section.

(2) This section does not prohibit security monitoring in a residence if conducted by or at the direction of the owner or principal occupant of that residence unless conducted for a lewd or lascivious purpose.

(3) A person who violates or attempts to violate this section is guilty of a crime as follows:

(a) For a violation or attempted violation of subsection (1)(a):

(i) Except as provided in subparagraph (ii), the person is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years or a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both.

Act 328 of 1931
… it’s always good to know the law. We do have video recording in progress stickers on two windows (front and driveway side of the house).

here’s a link for people to use: Video Surveillance Laws by State: Everything You Need to Know

Video Surveillance Laws by State: Everything You Need to Know

Video surveillance laws differ greatly from state to state.

We often have people here visiting and i didnt want anyone to be able to accuse me of not have notification.

Now that many of us have now received our Sense units, also, I think it is really a must have to include at least one sticker with each of the units sold. I was sort of surprised to not have gotten one with my Pan Cam, and more surprised when none came with my Wyze Sense units.

Any chance Wyze can add those, and make available to us?

thanks, in advance-

Security Window Stickers available now :slight_smile:

This item is unavailable - Etsy ← reverse print for inside windows

This item is unavailable - Etsy ← normal sticker for indoors or sticking on the outside of windows

Also linked on download page that Loki posted above!


Hey Tim, replied in thread but wanted to @ you because it seemed like you wanted these!