I would like to put a wyze cam on the outside of my condo

I just wonder if it legal to have one on the outside of my patio? Also worried about what my neighbors would say about this.

Has anyone put one outside there condo or apartment?

Very generally, anything monitoring your own property or a public space is legal unless a local law, your evil homeowner’s association, or somebody with a badge says otherwise. Your mileage may vary considerably. I am neither a lawyer nor even slept in a Holiday Inn Express.

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Your HOA might offer guidance. My HOA expects owners to file an architectural change request form before they mount any doorbell cameras on the exterior of units. Reasonable expectation of privacy generally does not exist in common areas or limited common areas, such as an outdoor patio. I plan on putting one outdoor camera on my unit and filing the change request in advance. I have three cameras indoors, pointing out my front window for the parking lot and I’ve captured one arrest and a number of interesting incidents in the past. In my state recording audio without someone’s permission has more legal liabilities than recording video.


I’m going to put it in my window

Okay good luck. You probably know this but you’ll want to disable the IR LEDs to avoid reflections from the glass. Luckily for some of us the LED illumination doesn’t bring much to the party anyway.