Security for keeping an eye on my mom's place?

Maybe I should have done a little more research before buying these Cam Pans (CP1). I need to keep a 24/7 eye on my mom’s place which is in a different community (she’s in an assist. liv place)(and I’ve received all the necessary privacy forms). But she has no wifi/Android/iPhone, heck no PC even! I was going to hook up a PC in her place, but now I see Wyze only works with a phone. Now what? Return these paperweights? Or is there a way for me to download the app to my iPhone then set up her PC and have them connect to her new wifi I establish? Tech advice please! Thanks!

If you can get WiFi at her place, you don’t need a phone there also except to set it up. Then when you leave you can view the camera from anywhere as long as it’s still connected to WiFi there.

You only need the phone to set them up and view them. Once setup all they need is wifi to operate and view. And you can use the Tinycam app on a Amazon FireTV Stick to view them on a TV/Monitor.

Thanks Ray, When you say “its”, I assume you mean the cameras, right?
And a follow-up question…It is possible to set up two on the same app without ‘stringing’ them (?)
And to Mat- thanks for the heads up on the Amazon topic!

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You can set up as many cameras as you like. You just need WiFi where they are located and then you can access them from anywhere. The only problems may be if they disconnect for some reason, someone may have to unplug/replug the USB power cable to reboot the camera, but as long as the WiFi is still active, it should reconnect. Some folks add a smart plug to the outlet the USB plug is plugged into and then they can remotely hard reboot the camera that way, again as long as Wifi is still reachable.

The key is having internet connected WiFi where the camera is located in order for it to work

One other thing, I’m pretty sure the camera has to be connected to secure Wifi, meaning requires a username/password. I don’t think you can use something like public WiFi. Not that that’s what you’re planning, but just thought I’d mention it.

This is no longer the case. See this #Roadmap topic. :slight_smile:


I’d go with an Amazon Echo Show…