SD cards not working in 3 cams

I bought a Cam Pan and a V2 like a month ago. I had 2 SD cards, Kingston and Samsung, both 32GB. The Cam Pan is able to read and use both of them, but the V2 can’t, it says there is no SD card installed. Then, I bought 2 more V2s yesterday, and they have the same issue, they can’t use the SD card.

I’ve tried everything, formatting them in my android device, formatting them in the Cam Pan and then switching them to the V2s, factory resetting the cameras, I even tried formatting them in a GoPro… nothing seems to work.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I don’t know why you’re having the trouble your having between cameras, but preferably you should use High Endurance micro SD cards as basic memory cards aren’t meant for continuously recording HD video like in security cameras and dash cams.

I didn’t know this myself until recently. My basic memory cards do work, but eventually they will become unreliable.

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Wyze sells and guarantees SD cards.
There was/is a batch of V2 sold recently that were missing a resistor. You might want to start a return.

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