SD card

My camera inconsistently stops recognizing I have a card. I have to reboot and sometimes it will recognize it. I formatted the card in camera before starting. Any advice? Thanks, Steve

May be a defective card. I usually stick with the name brands like Sandisk.

I agree with Harveyd1, you need to use a name brand SD card. I use these 64GB cards from Amazon and so far no issues! Just plug and play! My cameras record continuously to the SD card and I get over two weeks of recorded data!

Thanks. I have a 32GB SanDisk being delivered today from Amazon! Steve

I thought the specs said they only support up to 32gb cards?

Hi -

I put an SD card in, and the camera doesn’t recognize it. NBD, says I, but unfortunately the card appears to be stuck in the slot. Does anyone have a good way of unsticking microSD cards?



I think WYZE tested with 32gb cards with no issues. I have several cameras with 64gb cards. My brother used the same 64gb sd card in his cameras with no issues!!

You need to push the card in to eject it. Its like it’s spring loaded. You might need to use just your finger nails or a pen. You should hear a click then it should pop out some, and you can pull it out the rest.

Two more positive data points for 64GB microSD cards - my two W/Cs work fine with SanDisk cards.

I’ve got the same 32GB cards in all four cameras and have never had a problem with any of them. High rating good read and write speeds. Same card as first link but 32gb instead of 64gb.

I’d loved to have used 32 but not at double the price for double the size especially when the 32GB is half the price of the camera.

If Wyze Cam came with 8-16gb and still had an sd card slot I prob wouldn’t even bother with a card



Does anyone have info on how many hours you get out of each size card?

Is it linear?

For example, how many GBs needed for 4 hours? 8 hours? 12 hours? 24 hours? 2 days, 5 days, etc. ?


Thanks! I’m hoping to get at least 24 hours of coverage.

There is information on SD card recording on the FAQ page.

Thanks, I was able to find it.

did you format on the camera or did you do it on the PC?

Same with me, I use 64gb, Class 10 cards on all mine with no problem. The full 64gb is recognized too. Not sure if the memory card size was addressed in a firmware update? But I’ve never tried anything bigger than 64gb. Also yes I would highly suggest staying with name brands (Sandisk/Samsung)

Here is the Sandisk cards I use:

Robert, I ordered this same card from Amazon you had the link for but my cameras won’t recognize it. I must admit I took it out of the package (which almost called for a torch!) and put it in the cameras.

Did you format them first or something?

btw - all my cameras are Wyze V2s