SD card recordings with out Plus

If I’m using an SD and recording to it and do not have “Plus” can I still see all the recordings via the app of what’s on the card. Will it record 24/7

Yes, if you have your V2/V3 cam set to record continuously to its SD card, then it will record 24 hours a day. When the card reaches capacity it will automatically delete the oldest footage to make room for the new. You can get 2-3 days on a 32GB card with HD video, and 7-8 days on the same card using SD video.

To view the footage, go to the camera’s live stream page in portrait mode, and press the “View Playback” button at the bottom. Then dial up the time using the timeline at the bottom of the picture. A reverse-pinch on the timeline will get you smaller timeline increments.

Or, during a 12-second clip, you can jump to that exact time of the event on the SD card by pressing the SD card icon at the bottom of the 12-second clip when it is in portrait mode.

Depends. Which camera are we talking about? v2 and v3, absolutely. Just click on the playback button in the app for the camera to view everything that is stored on the card. But if you’re talking about an Outdoor Cam…no. The Outdoor cam doesn’t have continuous recording.

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Ohhhh, didn’t know this. Nice!

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Thanks everyone :sunglasses:

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