Continuous recording filling up SD card

I just got a V3 camera. I only plan to use it to monitor and take time lapses of the sky. I have a 64Gb card in it.

I know the card will eventually fill up from the recording. What happens then? Does it write over the oldest file?

I don’t think I will keep it recording, so I will always have room for my time lapses.

It writes over the oldest files and keeps on recording. Loop recording like a dash cam does.


As Antonius said, it will just write over the oldest recordings automatically like you guessed.

If the card is full and you start a time-lapse it will MAKE space for your new time-lapse by writing over the oldest recordings as well, so there is no need to save space on the card, it is smart enough to figure it out for you.


That is great news! Thanks to you both!

BTW, these cameras work quite well is see the stars, planets, etc in the night sky

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When my 14 day free trial runs out, will that affect continuous recording to the SD card?

Absolutely not! The SD card will ALWAYS keep working even without any Cam Plus option of any kind (Cam Plus Trial or Subscription, Cam Plus Pro, or Cam Plus Lite…none are needed for the SD card recording to keep working as intended). You’re totally fine with the SD card no matter what other options you go with.


Thank you very much!

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Starlight sensor in action! :slight_smile: