SD card playback knocks camera offline

When i view playback from the sd card, it works for a while but then the camera goes offline. Its takes about 10 minutes for it to come back online. During the time it is offline, the led is flashing blue-yellow. Any ideas?

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Can you confirm that you have the v3?

Here is what the red/blue status lights on the v3 indicate,


How are you powering the camera? What size power brick and cable type? Are you using the supplied power brick and cord? Or are you using your own USB cable?


Sorry its a V2, not V3….

Ok, then this is what the V2 status light means:


What about the other questions from above? What’s the actual firmware version on the camera? what app version are you using?


How far is it from the router?

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Also maybe how long is the USB power cord and how good is the power cube?

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