SD Card Issues - Possible Solution?

I wanted to throw a possible solution to any SD Card issues others may be having, such as:

  • SD Card is not detected in camera (first time use out of package)
  • SD Card was working but is not detected in the camera any more

I personally have bought the proper card (not from Wyze) from Bezos-mart and was confused why the card couldn’t be seen by the cameras. I could format it in Windows with no issues but the card still wouldn’t detect it.

Long story short, I found a suggestion in the back pages of a forum to use SD Card formatter. SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association

Let me know if I’m not supposed to post links here, I will take it down if so. I didn’t read any of the rules, I was too busy listening to the Beastie Boys and questioning my existence.

Anywho, that utility made the camera’s immediately detect the card after I used it to format all the cards. And it rescued a couple other cards that “used” to work in the camera’s and then one day I noticed they weren’t… I’ve noticed over the course of 2 years that the cards would do that from time to time. I assume Wyze goofed during some other their updates that changed the file system requirements of the cards.

I think this utility might help folks who have experienced this or are right now? Let me know your results. I’m curious if it helps.

NOTE: I have ONLY tested this on 16 GB & 32 GB, Class 10, cards. I have not tried a 64 GB yet.

EDIT: I just checked ALL my camera’s and base station for outdoor camera. I have (2) v3’s, v2, pan, outdoor, and base station. All 6 SD cards are still working fine. I ordered new cards and swapped things around about 6 months ago so I had to use this utility like 4 or 5 times then. Good so far.


Which Bestie Boys album? And question your existence?

Hello Nasty (1999) and nothing more than a little existential angst. No worries.

Great idea, been doing it since 2019.

Here I was thinking I was brilliant… As usual, and a reminder that my wife is correct, I am not.

Check you head, my favorite of all time.

Okay, so I have 64 GB, apparently they don’t work? I tried your suggestion, I’m guessing I have to purchase all 32 GB cards now? Crazy!!!

Hello Cindyhose6818,

Can you clarify for me? Are you saying that the tool did not format the cards correctly (SD Card formatter - listed above).

Question for gemniii,

What tool do you use to format 64 GB cards? I don’t have any but just assumed the one I listed would do it.

Side musing: Jerry Garcia is … beyond us.

Depends on how you define “work”.
I’m trying out some Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB, they’ve gotten down to about $18@.
My viewpoint is that if I have a problem with recording I better have a 32GB card in before I complain to Wyze.
You should have at least one quality 32GB card on hand if you have more than 2 or 3 cameras so you can swap it around if you have problems.

I use the SD Card Formatter by Tuxera, same as your link.