SD card - approx. number of days of video storage

How many days of storage is typical for SD, HD and 4K on the cams when set to continuous recording?
does a faster SD card help at all with accessing older content?

64 GB
128 GB (11-12 days?) ( based on Out South Cam V3)
256 GB
512 GB

Also, if necessary how do I check that SD card is formatted correctly.

Am I right to presume that 4K will be about half the number of days as HD?
and that 512GB will provide about twice 256GB



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SD card

Is this about what to expect?

days of playback for continuous recording
______________ SD_______ HD_______2K
64 GB________?_________ 5__________ 2
128 GB_______ ?_________ 10 ________ 5
256 GB_______?________ 20_________10
512 GB________?________ 40________20


You should be able to do the math from the MB used per minute of HD video and SD Video from the linked posts below.

SD about 3 MB \ 1 minute MP4

HD about 5.5 MB \ 1 minute MP4

From my own experience on the V3Pro, each 1 minute MP4 recorded in 2K was between 14 and 17 MB, but I haven’t checked it since the original shipped firmware. They may have introduced some additional compression. The reason I say that is because with the numbers above, HD V3 record time should be 3 times the length of the 2K V3Pro, but that is not what I am experiencing. :point_down: :thinking:

Also, cards will not full to the full capacity of the card and the card capacity is not calculated the same way by the manufacturer and Wyze.

When I was using 32MB cards I was getting about 3.5 days in HD and 7 days in SD.

I have switched to 256GB cards and only record in HD on V3 @ about 21 or 22 days Hx. My V3Pro in 2K on a 256GB gets (oddly) 18 days Hx. (Going to have to pull the card and check the file size again… May also have to check that it didn’t start recording in HD without me knowing it. Suspect that might be the case)

EDIT: Based on @carverofchoice’s great point about Color vs IRNV :point_down:, which I never even considered. All my cams are set to Auto. So Color day, IRNV night.


Things that make difference:

  • Day time recording 24/7 vs sometimes using Nightvision (lower FPS)
  • FPS (some camera models use fewer FPS than others)
  • Resolution

That’s about right for V3’s with Nightvision off in HD

I will typically assume that V3’s in HD without nightvision will get 1 day of recordings for about every 10-11 GB on the card. I think it can vary a little depending on how much activity the camera gets, but that’s a close approximation/average.

Keep in mind that there is difference between GB (what the card says it has) and GiB (what is shown in the Wyze App when you look at it).


I think @SlabSlayer and @carverofchoice are right on the spot. I have 32 GB C10 cards on all my cams and they are all set to continuously record in SD. I get roughly about three days worth of recordings before they start to wipe old stuff out.


3 days in SD quality? You should be getting about 7 days.


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