Screen rotation crashes Wyze app

Every time I rotate the phone to get a full screen view the app crashes and returns to the main screen. Started several days ago.
Google Pixel 6A fully updated.


For whatever it’s worth, my wife has a Google Pixel 6A and although she does not normally use the Wyze app, it is installed. So I grabbed her phone and could not duplicate your crash problem.
What Android version does your phone have?
My wife’s phone is Android version 13 and app version 2.45.6 (361)

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Welcome @Ifuniok

Can you provide the following:

  • Which Camera Model are you using and please include the Firmware version
  • What App Version are you using? @K6CCC shows one App Version as 2.45.6 (361). I like Beta Testing and have Version: 2.46.0 (b365)

I am using Android version 14 on a Pixel 7 Pro. I am not experiencing this issue with most of the Wyze Cameras, to include the Doorbell.

Any additional information would be great.

My Wife’s phone does not have the beta app - do on all of mine.

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I’m having the same issue since the latest update.

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I also have the same issue. I even factory reset the phone, Pixel 6a on Android 14, and only installed the wyze app and it still crashes when I rotate the phone for full screen or use the full screen button. I even did a screen recording but I cannot upload it here. PLEASE ADVISE.

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Has anyone found a fix to this yet? I took have been experiencing this and patiently waiting for some sort of update. I have submitted logs and emailed support. This occurs on all versions of cameras. Doorbell pro, V3, OG and Pan.

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I have this exact same issue on my Pixel 7. Only started a few months ago (I don’t remember when exactly). My wife’s Pixel 7 (we’re both logged in to the same account) doesn’t have the issue. When rotating my phone in landscape, no matter the type of camera I try to view (Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, Wyze Cam Pan v3), I’m immediately returned to app’s main screen (where all of my Wyze devices are listed). We are both on the latest Wyze app on Android, and all of our cameras are also fully updated, and on the latest version of Android 14.

That led me to think the issue is probably related to my own display settings on my phone. That proved to be correct in my case. To temporarily “fix” this (and I don’t consider this a “fix” as it impacts my entire phone experience - Wyze needs to fix this bug in their app), I reset my “Display size” settings to default; once I did this, I was finally able to once again rotate my phone in landscape while viewing a camera live feed. @Wyze support, I suppose you could try to reproduce this by using a Pixel 7 or 6a, set the phone’s “Display size” (Settings > Display > Display size and text) to the smallest possible setting, and then try to view a live feed of a camera in landscape mode.


This has been bugging me for about a year and even followed me after switching from a Pixel 6 to the Pixel 8 Pro.

Display Size settings on both of my phones was customized to have smaller icons and text. I reset the display size settings as per SysError’s post and now my Wyze app will rotate into landscape without crashing!

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It worked!! Thank you :blush:

I can confirm resetting “Display Size & Text” to default “fixes” the issue. Thank you @SysError !
I tried changing various “Display Size & Text” settings after the reset and the rotate issue appears to stay “fixed”…at least for now.

OMG thank you. This has likewise been affecting me for 6 months and absolutely driving me crazy since I love wyze but not being able to view any of my 20+ devices (all types) in landscape has rendered by experience to be dismally frustrating. Reset the display size on the phone exactly as stated and the issue is gone. Thank you for posting this and hopefully wyze can fix this bug in their app longer term.