Screen rotation crashes Wyze app

Every time I rotate the phone to get a full screen view the app crashes and returns to the main screen. Started several days ago.
Google Pixel 6A fully updated.


For whatever it’s worth, my wife has a Google Pixel 6A and although he does not normally use the Wyze app, it is installed. So I grabbed her phone and could not duplicate your crash problem.
What Android version does your phone have?
My wife’s phone is Android version 13 and app version 2.45.6 (361)

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Welcome @Ifuniok

Can you provide the following:

  • Which Camera Model are you using and please include the Firmware version
  • What App Version are you using? @K6CCC shows one App Version as 2.45.6 (361). I like Beta Testing and have Version: 2.46.0 (b365)

I am using Android version 14 on a Pixel 7 Pro. I am not experiencing this issue with most of the Wyze Cameras, to include the Doorbell.

Any additional information would be great.

My Wife’s phone does not have the beta app - do on all of mine.

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I’m having the same issue since the latest update.

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I also have the same issue. I even factory reset the phone, Pixel 6a on Android 14, and only installed the wyze app and it still crashes when I rotate the phone for full screen or use the full screen button. I even did a screen recording but I cannot upload it here. PLEASE ADVISE.

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Has anyone found a fix to this yet? I took have been experiencing this and patiently waiting for some sort of update. I have submitted logs and emailed support. This occurs on all versions of cameras. Doorbell pro, V3, OG and Pan.

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